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About Us

Loving Our Community and Cooking Them Great Food

Eat Smart is a local Missouri company that was created to help our community get health options for meals that are fun and convenient. We understand that time is a precious value, especially when you have a family to grow with. We want to help you find more time for the things in life that really matter! No more standing in front of a stove all evening and missing out on events or simple family time.

Stop on by at our new retail store located at

829 Eastland Dr. Jefferson City MO 65101

Citrus Fruits

Our Story

Eat Smart was created because of my own personal busy schedule. As my fiance and I had our first kiddo, Kinsley Rose, we quickly found it harder and harder to keep up with our health and meal prep went out the window entirely. Frustrated, I made comments with folks around Jefferson City and found they too were in a similar situation looking for an option that met the same needs. Thus, Eat Smart was born!

Our aim is to use as much local products as possible in our meals to help show that seasonal menus can be fun, convenient, and most importantly healthy! We have taken much time to create a network of farmers and producers around the state to provide local goods with our service. We believe in Missouri and we believe in our community to be able to provide for ourselves not imported goods that are pumped with chemicals to keep them from spoiling as they travel to our state.

We started with an amazing opportunity with Moreau Meat Market and used their kitchen as a commissary for our humble beginnings. Blessed, we quickly found the city's response was overwhelming and we needed to move ASAP into our own large kitchen with a store front. While looking around I found a partnership with Luke Gabriel, the owner of Capital Fitness to open a new concept that Jefferson City and the state as a whole hasn't seen. Thus, "The Body Shoppe" was created. Luke runs the front with our supplement selection for both gym and those looking for healthy lifestyle supplements, and I run Eat Smart out of the kitchen in the back. We found a perfect compliment of health that JC needs!

The Body Shoppe sits at

829 Eastland Drive JC, MO

It is Missouri's first "health/ fitness social house." We have TVs playing sporting events, supplements, meals in fridges along with guilt-free snacks, health screenings/events, and more! We are working on opening the smoothie bar by spring and will have the patio usable in summer.  Please come check us out and ask about catering and/or event space rental.

Check Out Our Local Partnerships

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